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Can Finance by Simplified with Visual Thinking

September 22, 2011

One of the first things I did with visual thinking, besides applying it to technology, was using it in an area which I found extremely difficult, or rather abhorred. Finance.

I started with a reading of Benjamin Graham’s book, Security Analysis. Here he explains the concept of Intrinsic Value a concept which is quite difficult for most people to understand. Note, this was one of my first attempts at applying visual thinking to an area which I was by no means an expert on. The video below, shows you the application of visual thinking in understanding this topic.


Visual representation of Intrinsic Value described by Ben Graham in “Security Analysis”

Now here’s the interesting part of the appeal of visual thinking. This video which I created, has garnered approximately 17,158 views on YouTube in two years. More interestingly for me personally, was the fact that till I converted the text into a visual my understanding of the text was incomplete. I just didn’t get the complete picture till I visualized it and drew it out.

Note: At this stage my only experience with visual thinking was a one day course by Sanjay Vyas on Concept Visualization (see the about page for more details).

Next post I’ll drill in to other areas and applications of visual thinking.

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