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Knowledge Management Approaches

October 4, 2011

There are two broad knowledge management approaches prevalent in enterprise businesses.

Knowledge Management by Codification


In the first approach one, implements systems where each person in the organization transfers knowledge gained into elaborate systems which are then accessible by the entire organization.

Knowledge Management by Personalisation


Here the approach is to enable people within the organization easy access to the experts with domain knowledge on a variety of subjects.



Both these approaches are successfully used by quite a few enterprises. However, which approach to take depends largely on the culture within the organization which will play a large role in deciding the approach to take. Each comes with it’s own set of ramifications, for e.g. in the first there is a large dependency on computer systems and processes to enable people to capture their knowledge. The second requires an organization culture which enables people to reach out to each other in a very easy way. Both approaches require an organizational mind set which inculcates the need and encourages each individual to share and expose their knowledge efficiently to teammates.

Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, and a dual approach might be necessary. But what is certain is that as organizations grow, implementing a good knowledge management system is imperative, to be more efficient in terms of delivering things on time and managing costs appropriately.

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