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Getting the Customers Attention

December 2, 2011

I got lucky, Sean D’souza from the site Psychotactics gave away a few copies of his course called the Brain Alchemy Masterclass. I’ve read the first few pages and I’ve already found it invaluable. As usual I got down to converting the information to visuals. One of the sections is titled, “Getting the Customers Attention”. Sean talks about 7 things one needs to do…. and I’m sure you won’t guess this, but it begins with highlighting the problem or key issue(s) faced by your customer, only once you’ve done that he suggests to talk about your solution. There are seven key things you need to ensure you grab your customers attention.

7 Key things to getting the customers attention

As I mentioned it begins with first highlighting the key problems, then providing the solution. More importantly it needs to be for your specific target audience.

Next you need to show that you really understand the customers problems, and you need to have ready responses to their objections.

Further you need to have testimonials, more on this later. Next you need to reduce the perceived risk the client feels, it could be in terms of a variety of things like a 30 day money back guarantee or try before you buy etc. The last most important thing being the USP(Unique Selling Point) of your product or service.

First the problem

Problem Solution Problem SolutionThe biggest mistake as he explains is getting away from the temptation of selling yourself too soon by stating the solution. You need to highlight the problem first, then your solution, then the next problem, then the next solution and so on.

It seems counter intuitive but as he shows thru various examples it makes perfect sense, as nothing grabs our attention as fast as a problem.  See examples below.

Examples of Problem solution statements

One word of warning out here…always consider people’s ego’s make sure you don’t hurt them or insult them.

Always Consider Egos of people

2. The Solution

Solutions come after problems

3. Target Audience

Target Audience

Your message needs to be specific to a particular target audience. The more generic it is the more difficult it is to get across to customers.

Below is an extremely powerful example of the same.Targetted Messaging

There are so many other wonderful gems such as how to find your target audience etc. which he explains.

4. Objections


Your best customers, especially new ones will have objections, he explains that you need to have ready made answers to each of them.


You need to look for and find all kinds of possible objections, big one’s, small one’s and have responses ready for each of them.

But the way you answer them is key…

Feel Felt Found

The Feel, Felt, Found System.

First empathize with them, explain how other clients felt, and what they finally found when they become your clients.


5. Testimonials

Testimonials - 6 questions to cover in a testimonial



These need to be thought of in the same way as problem-solution.

Just having a testimonial where a client says, the overall experience was good, or it was great working with you, is quite useless as a testimonial.

You need to apply the same fundamental described earlier i.e. problem solution.

He talks about six things every testimonial needs to have… See the adjacent image.


6. Risk Reversal

Risk Reversal

Reversing risk in the clients mind is quite important, the way you do it depends on the kind of product/service you’re offering. Don’t miss this out if you want to get the customers attention and make it easier for them to take a decision with you.



7. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling PropositionIf your product or service doesn’t have a USP, it’s going to be difficult to really get the customers attention. You really need to have a USP and Sean provides suggestions as well on how to go about thinking about this.

Would you believe it, that this is only one section(about less than 18 pages) of content in this Brain Alchemy Masterclass, still 69 pages to go. But here’s the best part his writing style is so easy, and he gives so much detail with ease, that I’m running this thru my head, and chewing on the goodness before I proceed reading the rest. I’ve found it invaluable reading thru just the few pages I’ve read. Did I mention he also has the stuff on audio, really cool stuff…

(Before you ask, I’m not an affiliate or linked up with him in anyway, except that I’ve found his stuff very good.) Will let you know once I’ve read and applied more from the Brain Alchemy Masterclass.


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  1. Good stuff Sanjay. Captured many of the thoughts well in the images.

    Keep firing away.


    • sanjayshetty permalink

      Thanks Mike, I appreciate the feedback.

  2. I see your points and I’m agree to all of them, specially the third point when you mention the target audience. To get an idea of your target customer is good to create an ideal client, put a name and a face to the customer that will gladly need your product and write for them.

    Great post by the way

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