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Click-whirr, Fixed-Action-Patterns–Influence

January 17, 2012

Click-whirr… Bet you never saw it this way 🙂 Fixed-Action Patterns from Robert Cialdini’s – Influence. Where he describes our almost automatic reactions to stimuli, whether, verbal, visual or even based on certain smells.

One of the first examples given by Cialdini is about the behaviour of the Turkey in response to the sound cheep-cheep, even when made by it’s natural enemy the polecat. Even the sound made by the stuffed polecat, is enough for the mother turkey to respond in a protective way.

I’ve noticed a similar, not exact reaction, from women who’ve recently delivered a baby, they instantly react to the sound of other infants crying.

The same thing happens to a more subtle degree, when comparing textual to visual information. The mind automatically diverts to the visual, not that we won’t read the text, but the visual typically grabs our attention first.

Fixed-Action Patterns


Fixed-Action Patterns2

Have you noticed any such automatic reactions in people around you?

Fire – A loud call out of the word “Fire” in a closed environment, typically causes people to become super alert. Similarly, just the word danger or the danger sign automatically makes us pause…

Similarly, for my wife, the Sale banner at a retail store, catches her attention real quick.

Your Turn:

Share other examples you’ve noticed of this automatic action. And if you’ve read this far, be sure to share it using the buttons below, so that we can get even more examples from others who read it.

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