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February 2, 2012

I’m super thrilled that Ana Hoffman at allowed me to create a visual for her article on website conversion and split testing.

recommended split testing blogs

I had great fun coming up with appropriate visuals which matched the key ideas she was blogging about. Btw the article is extremely useful if you’re looking at optimizing your blog or website. It covers two specific areas: how to split test which is basically creating two versions of a page and see which drives more traffic. The other concept is on website conversion which covers ideas on how you can change things on your site to encourage more people to take a particular action. The article links to some amazing thought leaders who share some really great ideas. In fact I just implemented one idea on split testing using the WordPress addin, and I’m happily waiting to see the results.

I had made some additional visuals as well aimed at specific items. For e.g.
I created one specifically regarding website conversion. See the image below.
Website Conversion & Split Testing
It was a totally fun exercise as I created the visuals against a tight deadline of  just one day.

Let me know what you think about the visuals in the comments below.

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