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Weekend Reading on Visual Thinking–26th Feb 2012

February 26, 2012


2. – Behind the scenes: Creating custom cartoons

3. – How to create a visualization. Shared by Gavin McMahon on G+

4. – The top 10 visual thinkers on Twitter

5. – The Visual Thinking Revolution is here

6. Video – Dan Roam and Nancy Duarte compare notes on Creative Process –

7. Video – Are you a fox or a hummingbird – Dan Roam explains your brain –

8. Video – Grammar Ain’t Just for Words Anymore –

9. Video – Quit Talking and Start Thinking – Dan Roam and Nancy Duarte

10. Creating short, simple videos that use simple animated graphics, illustrations, text and photography to explain something

11. – Curated motion graphic & animated informational videos that explain, educate, or inform

12. How2s – Over 100 visual guides to expert teaching –

13. Visual Thinking for Service Design by Dave Gray –

14. Great use of visuals by Microsoft in guiding their developers in building the next generation touch applications for their upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

15. – Sketchnotes a field guide for the busy professional $1.95 pdf download. An absolute beginners guide, very very basic.

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