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Dan Roam’s SQVID–A Visual Thinking Tool

March 31, 2012

In the Napkin Academy (see my earlier post where I’ve reviewed it) Dan Roam describes the SQVID as a visual thinking tool. (Btw, he had first described it in his book, “The Back of the Napkin”)

The basic premise being that the SQVID helps one to take any subject and think about it in a variety of different ways, stretching your imagination, and helping in brainstorming. One exercise he encourages people to do is take a subject and apply the SQVID to it. Learn about the SQVID. (Simple, Qualitative, Vision, Individual, Difference/change)

I’ve taken the computer as a subject, and by applying the SQVID described the computer in a variety of different ways. Obviously there are many more ways, for e.g. I’ve used elaboration to talk more about the hardware, on the other hand one could describe the capabilities in terms of the software side of things, the ability to create documents, presentations, multimedia content, etc.

(Click the below image to view a larger version)

Applying Dan Roam SQVID

It is also a great way to visually brainstorm any idea and helps one look at it from a variety of different perspectives stretching the imagination.

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