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Mindmaps do they help you learn?

September 20, 2012

I created this monster of a mind map while putting together techniques and ideas revolving around article writing. Beginning from how to generate ideas for article topics to the subject of crafting a headline for the article, how a headline can be used to promote the article, the structure, what you want people to feel, know or do based on your article etc. How it could be packaged into a report etc. It covers a lot of stuff.

Article Writing Mind Map

Who is this for?

Now this is looks like a monster octopus and I basically made it for my personal consumption. Its extremely difficult for anybody else to make sense of this mind map, especially if one is new to the topic. However, for me it a great visual where all the elements I’m learning about are placed in front of me. This gives me a birds eye view and is useful for my personal learning.

Is it a general learning tool? suitable for all?

I’ve seen a whole lot of people share such mind maps, in fact much much larger and more detailed with others and they wonder why the other person doesn’t see the beauty or understand/learn from it.

How could one use this as a teaching tool?

The best way to teach others with it would be to break it up in to easily digestible chunks, visualize it and then built it up in front of their eyes and layer it with good examples so that they really learn the subject.

For e.g. one part of the mind map deals with what your final objective is with the article you’re writing.

What do you want them to


Basically what is the purpose of the article, what should they know, or feel, or do after they have read your article.

Now comes the layering – this can make the person learn.

Here it’s useful to be able to make the person see what you mean and hence visualization helps a great deal.


(The about visual which I’ve used was illustrated by Dan Roam in his first book “Back of the Napkin”)

I’ve drawn all elements and I’m showing you the final picture of how it could look. However, you would need to break it up and visualize each part separately.

For e.g. one would start with just the three words, then talk about the situation of building a website and how one would go about it. Then one would add each visual element to make sure people see what you’re trying to explain.

I know it doesn’t map exactly to the do, feel, know concept, but you get what I’m saying right?

So in short, an idea which was outlined in the mind map, was separated into a bite sized chunk and then one layered a nice example to explain the concept further.

Does that make sense to you? What has worked best for you? Do share in the comments below.

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