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Syntactic Theory of Visual CommunicationPaul Martin Lester, Ph.D. 

Here he describes the key tenets of Syntactic Theory with a lot of interesting information about the evolution of communication via images and words.

The key tenets of the syntactic theory of visual communication are:

  1. Mediated words and pictures have equal importance in the communication process.
  2. As symbols with similar historical roots, mediated words and pictures are both symbolic representations.
  3. Images are remembered by thinking about them in words.

The first and the second tenet I agree with wholeheartedly and I feel the first is particularly important in communication, a combination of both words and pictures

I’m not completely agreeable about the last tenet, especially when it comes to recall. For e.g. lets say you view something which instantly reminds you of something else, at times there is no opportunity for the mind to think in words, you just virtually see the image. Nevertheless it’s a very interesting read.

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