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I was bursting with enthusiasm typing away till 2:00 A.M., the midnight oil burning literally and I couldn’t stop.

I had finally figured out that in my 10 years of working with communities and user groups no one had bothered to write about the motivations of “why people join a user group community” and I had captured all of it(at least I thought so). Super thrilled with my report I emailed it to my manager.

Two days passed and I still hadn’t heard from him…

I sent it to my colleague who I was sure would be as thrilled by it.

Two more days passed…

Zilch, no response. I felt dejected, I’ve created something awesome but nobody was paying attention.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Or delivered the most awesome presentation which you’ve poured your heart into and zilch, nada, no response, leaving you like me totally frustrated, dejected…

In the meanwhile, I had been doodling, and inspired by my recently learned visual thinking, I created a visual which captured why people join a user group community.

10 days later, still not hearing from my manager or colleague, I emailed the doodle to them. Btw they had totally forgotten my earlier email to them.

BAM –> 2 long emails full of comments and feedback saying wow!
I was left speechless.

(Go ahead Google it: “ people join a user group community”)

Here’s the amazing part: Inspired that my shabby doodles made such a big impact, my next report consisted of visuals I created with a fancy graphic software. The lines were straight, the edges clear, the works… BAM! this time around it was a totally different reaction, it almost felt like they thought I’m too smart for my pants.

I was quick to catch on, and went back to my basic doodles. I repeated the same with other reports and presentations where I doodled, visualized the ideas, and the response has always been Ah!, wow or the equivalent. At the least, I got a response, suggestion, comment which then helped me further work on my ideas and presentations and helped me engage with my audience. (You could imagine my surprise about my experience of the basic doodle, when down the line I read in Dan Roam’s famous book “The Back of the Napkin” about the same thing, your visual needn’t be fine art “the point is to use the picture to replace those words that are more effectively conveyed, understood, and remembered visually.”

I want to help you do the same. You don’t want your presentations and reports to be forgotten. Stop and Imagine the difference- how your current text heavy presentations, documents, and explanations could be transformed with the power of visuals. You can make a bigger impact.

Too much dataGet rid of the Blah, Blah, Blah…

Hire Me, to clarify, condense and make memorable.

Too much data?

Do you feel you’re drowning in a sea of information? There’s too much information coming at all of us, and it’s typically in textual form. Making sense of so much data is tough for a lot of people, especially you and me. This makes the job of getting people to understand and remember your ideas especially tough.

Is your information memorable? Does it stick?

Made to StickMost times when I read a blog or view a presentation I have ADHD, and even if a speaker, presentation, blog post or article is great, I soon tend to forget the information, causing the time I’ve spent reading it to be useless, both for myself and the presenter or author. Most often when listening to a speaker, I tend to forget the train of thought and key messages, visuals help you snap out of this mess.

Additionally, when comparing textual to visual information the mind automatically diverts to the visual(I bet you saw the visual on the left first, before reading this), Not that we won’t read the text, it’s needed, but the visual grabs our attention first and what grabs our attention typically sticks.

Plug: I recently grabbed the attention of Guy Kawasaki with a visual I created. Guy loved one my visualization and surprisingly quite a lot of people like you liked it. You think I would have got that reaction without a visual?

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  1. ProblemsClarifying your corporate mission, vision, strategy or getting your team to see what you mean.
  2. Clarifying your ideas whether in an article, whitepaper, report, blog post, ebook or business presentation.
  3. Explaining your concepts.
  4. Explaining your product/service.
  5. Solving your business problems.

Hire Me, to clarify, condense and make memorable.

What does it cost?

If you’re a non-profit, or advocating a cause, or are a start up, ask me for a discount, depending on time I will provide my services for free.

  1. A 10 minute video is typically: $600 (Samples). This is the most effective way you can present your knowledge. When people see your ideas being drawn in front of them the impact is the greatest and they will remember you and your presentation far more than any other presenter. It usually takes about 4 days, with scripting, creating the visuals, recording, editing, voice over, final editing etc.
    Plug: My video on How community and social media changed corporate communication crossed 1000 views Smile Let me know what you think about it.
  2. A visual snapshot of your concept, which you can use in a blog post, web page or presentation slide is $50 (Non-Exclusive use, meaning I could sell it to others) $200 for exclusive usage. (See the images on this blog and on this blog). Typically takes a day to deliver.
  3. Your business presentation, typical 10 slide deck – where each of your key ideas is visualized approx. 10-12 images:$400 (Sample) (Typically 2 days to deliver.)

MoneyBack GauranteeBest of all, I provide you a 100% money back guarantee. No questions.
No one’s asked me for one yet
I might ask you for some feedback to help me improve, I trust that’s alright? Do see the samples to understand the kind of work I can create for you.

Lastly, even if you have a custom requirement, like solving a problem then…

Connect with me

My status

Get Skype and call me for free on my id, first name.lastname

I’m based out of India (GMT+5.30) Click here to know the local time in India right now. You can connect with me on Skype or mobile phone: +91 98211 55115 or drop me an email it’s my last name i.e. Shetty At Hotmail.
I’m also on FaceBook,Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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